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Our purpose is to think better so we can do better - we just want to make the best possible snacks we can, nooro snacks that allow you to think better! 

We started making better snacks when we noticed that whenever you reach for a snack, they’re full of sugar, have ingredients we can’t pronounce or just taste like the junk that they are. It’s 2019 and frankly, something full of garbage and wrapped in [future] garbage just doesn’t cut it.

We know snacking is a necessity for busy days, so we decided that our snacks would, through the amazing combination of ingredients, have a positive impact.  

Our snacks, with simple and natural ingredients, slow release energy and flavours that are delicious have amazing CBD to allow you to Think Better.  

Each bar is packed with 25mg of CBD, natural plant nootropics and ingredients that are healthy for your body, mind and life.  No junk, no added sugars. 


Nooro | Think Better