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Gamers, Start Snacking Better!

Snacking is a big part of gaming. In fact, we’d say that if you’re not snacking then you’re not gaming properly.  We all need the energy and the convenience that snacking brings to gaming. But snacking on the wrong stuff can really impact on your performance.

Snacks and performance foods have moved on since the days of chocolate bars and crisps, and there are some really great things you can do to increase your cognitive power and game better.

Most of us have taken that short trip to the snacks cupboard in between games of FIFA, Fortnite or Mario Kart. In fact, 80% of us regularly snack while playing video games. But are we snacking on the right foods? 

One more game

The ‘one more game’ mentality is a big reason why your performance is going to drop off, essentially because you’ve been trying too hard for too long.

Most people can perform well with clarity and focus for around 45-minutes at a time before needing a break, and the same applies to playing competitive video games. So how many games can you fit in before you start losing?

From our research, we've found that you can play:

  • Two games of FIFA 
  • Nine games of Rocket League
  • Between two and nine games of Fortnite, depending how good you are
  • Two games of Overwatch
  • One or two full games of Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Just one ranked game of League of Legends
  • Four or five games of Call of Duty Team Deathmatch
  • Up to eight games of Warzone, but only two if you're getting back-to-back wins 

So, what can you do to improve your concentration and make that ‘one more game’ count? It's proven that snacking can help improve how long you can focus for, so the same goes for when you sit down for a night of gaming. By snacking on the right foods, you'll be able to keep your winning edge for longer and perform at your absolute maximum.

Today, you can find cognitive enhanced snacks and foods that not only provide a slow-release of energy, but also CBD, Nootropics, and antioxidants.

Finding your flow state

 J.D. Furlong, Founder of Nooro, said, “Sugary snacks are likely to provide you with that quick jolt of energy, but then comes the slump and the dreaded fatigue, where you have difficulty concentrating. By this point, your in-game performance will be dropping substantially.

“Salty snacks or foods high in fats make your body work hard to break them down, meaning you’re left feeling tired or deflated. This is thanks to less oxygen reaching your brain, leading to your performance being negatively affected.

“Better snacks for gamers are foods with a slow, continuous release of energy, like oats, barley and wholemeal. Dark chocolate is also good for the mind, thanks to it having a higher amount of cocoa and antioxidants, which improve blood flow to the brain. 

“Snacking on healthier snacks will help you engage your flow state, which is what you might know as being ‘in the zone’. While you’re in your flow state, you’ll find that you can focus for longer periods of time, and ultimately, win more and progress further in your games.

“At Nooro we took the idea of a slow-release, natural healthy snack, and then turbo-charged it by adding CBD and nootropics."

If you’re looking for ways to take your gaming to the next level, why not try replacing some of your usual snacks with ones that are more likely to boost your performance?

Here are a few you should try:


There is no room for a wandering mind in games like FIFA, PUBG, Fortnite, and more. So, start snacking better, take a look at the new ways and products you can snack with. You’ll be a better player if you do!