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What are Nootropics?

From the Greek words noo for ‘mind’ and tropos meaning ‘changing,’ nootropics live up to their name by being memory or brain boosters. Nootropics are compounds that help enhance cognitive ability and function.

While nootropics won’t make you smarter, they can help boost energy levels, increase mental alertness, improve memory, heighten concentration, and encourage wakefulness. Naturally occurring nootropics (like the ones found in our Nooro CBD snack bars) even aid in promoting and improving healthy brain function!

Nootropics have a positive effect on the brain’s performance through a variety of different methods and pathways. They are found to increase the blood flow to the brain, carrying vital nutrients, energy, and oxygen, encouraging better brain function. Both artificial and all-natural nootropics have been extensively studied to better understand their many advantages.

While the effects of natural nootropics are not seen as quickly as synthetic ones, the benefits of naturally occurring compounds are reported to last far-longer than those which are synthetic. Nooro CBD snack bars offer a healthy dose of nootropics using only naturally nootropic-rich plants and amino acids.