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How Flow State Can Help You Reach Peak Productivity

Have you ever become so immersed in an activity that you completely lost track of time? Whether you call it being ‘in the zone’ or being ‘in a positive mental state,’ this phenomenon is known as flow state, and when achieved results in heightened levels of productivity, motivation, and creativity.

Flow state usually begins when you are giving your full attention to something you are highly skilled in and passionate about. Commonly, flow state is often associated with creatives, artists, and athletes.  Even some online gamers have begun acknowledging flow state as a way to achieve peak performance!

Experiencing flow state has been found to be beneficial for both mental and emotional health. During flow state, you’ll feel ecstatic, motivated, and fulfilled, which in turn encourages productivity. While flow state varies slightly for everyone, benefits can include heightened creativity, better emotional regulation, increased engagement, along with greater feelings of fulfilment and enjoyment.

CBD and nootropics are both highly effective in helping users achieve the positive mental state of flow state. Research has found that CBD has a significant impact on both anandamide and serotonin, 2 of the 5 major neurotransmitters most active during flow state. Equally, naturally occurring nootropics can help initiate and heighten brain functions that are associated with flow state. In fact, L-Theanine, the amino acid used in Nooro snack bars is known to help boost serotonin and dopamine, stimulating alpha brainwaves and encouraging a more powerful flow state.