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CBD and Nootropics: The Perfect Pair!

CBD has long been hyped for its natural benefits and ability to relieve stress, pain, and provide mental clarity. Nootropic supplements are also widely used by people looking to sharpen their cognitive activity and encourage positive brain function. While cannabinoids and nootropics are similar, each has their own unique benefits for users. You might be wondering: Can I use nootropics and CBD at the same time?

The answer is a resounding YES! The expression ‘too much of a good thing’ doesn’t apply when it comes to nootropics. Using 2 or more nootropics at the same time is known as ‘stacking’ and it’s a great practice for those looking to maximise their cognitive ability. But why does stacking work?

CBD aids in easing stress and providing a relaxed mental head space. Natural nootropics work to boost brain power, improving mental alertness and concentration. The relaxing properties of CBD coupled with the brain boosting benefits of nootropics create the ideal combination of relaxation, concentration, and brain power. The perfect blend for productivity.

The benefits of stacking are so significant, they laid the foundation of the idea behind the Nooro CBD snack bar. Nooro bars use all natural, vegan ingredients mixed with the optimal ratio of CBD and natural nootropic supplements to maximise your concentration and productivity. The best time to stack is in the morning, setting a calm and motivated mindset to start off your day.  Whether you are new to nootropics or a seasoned stacker, Nooro CBD snack bars offer a stacking snack that packs a powerful punch of productivity!