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  • What is CBD?

    What is CBD? CBD, which is short for cannabidiol is a natural and non-psychoactive component derived from the hemp plant. More and more people are using CBD as a natural supplement to help cope with chronic pain, stress and even insomnia.
  • How Flow State Can Help You Reach Peak Productivity

    Flow state is a powerful psychological mindset that can help you achieve peak performance and productivity. Maybe it’s time to start going with the flow!
  • What are Nootropics?

    Nootropics are compounds that have a positive effect on the brain’s performance. Natural nootropics are found to improve healthy brain function, heightening concentration, and increasing energy levels.
  • CBD and Nootropics: The Perfect Pair!

    Did you know that it’s safe to use CBD and a nootropic supplement at the same time? Mixing nootropics and CBD, or ‘stacking’ is a great practice for those looking to maximise their cognitive ability.
  • Why do People Use CBD?

    With more and more people introducing CBD into their daily lives, we’re answering the question everyone is asking: Why do people use CBD?